About Western Meats

Locally owned and operated since 1954.

A pair of brothers started out in Shelton then moved to Tumwater in 1954. Mydlar and sons took ownership in 1978 over the years many family members worked hard to make the store thrive and flourish. Western Meats began as a meat wholesaler supplying restaurants.

Today Western Meats has expanded and now has a wide range of customers in the wholesale sector and a significant retail-based clientele. In the effort to strengthen a historical bond with the areas farming industry we also have a considerable amount of custom cutting clients.

Western Meats sells USDA inspected meat and we produce all of our products under the HACCAP Program which insures the safety of all of our meat. We have many ready to cook and serve products prepared here daily.

Our creative ‘family of employees’ not only produce the products, but they have also helped to create these delicious recipes.

We carry wide variety of products; some of them include beef, pork, veal, lamb, turkey, chicken, buffalo, fish, deli meats, cheeses including WSU Cougar Gold, Jerky Pepperoni, a wide range of sausages as well as dog food and dog bones.