The Creamery


About WSU’s Knotts Dairy Center and Cougar Gold® Cheese!

The Creamery’s milk is produced by a small herd of dairy cattle at WSU’s Knotts Dairy Center, located on the edge of Pullman.

The milk is hauled from the farm to the Creamery in the early morning and is greeted by a group of student employees who, under the close supervision of a team of staff members, pasteurize it for use in Cougar Cheese and Ferdinand’s Ice Cream. Many of the students are enrolled in the university’s Food Science and Human Nutrition program and will work for major food manufacturers as scientists after graduation.

Cougar Gold® Cheese

Savor the nutty flavor of our most famous and popular cheese! Cougar Gold® is a white, sharp cheddar with a taste that resembles Swiss or Gouda. Aged for at least one year.

Crimson Fire

Imagine our Hot Pepper Cheese spiked with cayenne pepper and you have Crimson Fire. So flavorful, you’ll never notice we have taken out 33% of the fat . . . just the burst of heat that will satisfy the fire-eater in you.

Hot Pepper

Just the right amount of jalapeno peppers is added to our Viking Cheese for a medium flavor that’s not too hot. Great in omelets!


A mild flavored, semi-soft cheese comparable to Monterey Jack. We age it for at least four months. Great with pasta, in sandwiches, on crackers or alone as a snack!

Happy 4th of July!

We will be closed July 4th, 2024, so stop in today for our monthly locker pack or weekly specials!

  • 30 Sirloin Patties $47.99
  • 20 Jumbo Dogs $22.95
  • 5 Sirloin Burgers $5.99
  • Beef & Chicken K-Bobs Available